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In a world that’s becoming increasingly complex, our children’s success will depend on their ability to synthesize many disparate facts into a coherent — and actionable — picture of reality. To cultivate this crucial skill, all our classes help students draw their own conclusions from a wide range of evidence and then come to terms with the real-world consequences of those conclusions. Instead of just cramming students’ heads with information, we help young people understand themselves and their universe so that they can respond effectively to both.

To accomplish this goal, we’ve learned, intellectual understanding is unfortunately not enough. While new ideas can be dazzling, we’ve seen that they often remain impotent abstractions until they seep into the marrow of lived experience. With this in mind, we’ve designed every class to include an experiential component that helps students incorporate their new insights into their lives. Using a combination of group debates, introspective journaling, imaginative exploration, and creative self-expression, we give our students the tools they need to embody science’s emerging wisdom.

At their heart...

all our offerings are inspired by a vision of young people entering adulthood knowing their unique place in the great unfolding journey of the universe. As many ancient cultures understood, this knowledge is essential for awakening the enormous vitality, resilience, and joy of which humans are capable. In this effort, we believe that science can be a powerful new ally. By reflecting on the revelatory evidence streaming in from science, our students gain profound insights into the cosmos and their own role in its creative development.

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To give our students control over their own education, each YourCosmos group can combine these modules into its own semester-long curriculum.

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“As a parent, and speaking on behalf of my three grown children, we all couldn’t have been more pleased with all the results we achieved with Ari. Ari is blessed with a gift of teaching and patience to ensure that each child feels confident and understands the material before leaving the session. Ari is unbelievable and amazing to all us parents as he can teach any subject at any level. Ari does this graciously with a warm, calm smile that puts students and parents at ease during hectic times.”

Denise • Parent

“What makes Ari particularly unique is his ability to share with his students the broader impact of the material they are learning. His enthusiasm for learning and his devotion to the success of his students is very evident, making every session worthwhile and incredibly enjoyable.”

Sarah • Student for 3 years

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fabulously interactive self-guided courses

Our unwavering commitment to engaging, personalized education means that, unfortunately, we can only work with a tiny handful of students each semester. To offer this material to a wider audience – at a tiny fraction of the cost – we have spent the last 18 months deep in the mad scientist laboratory, creating highly interactive, self-guided versions of all our courses. Our first course will launch in March 2021, and we plan to release further courses every eight weeks throughout 2021.

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