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At YourCosmos, we are committed to offering students a learning experience that’s as engaging and connective as possible. Unfortunately, this means that we can only work with a handful of students each semester, and so if YourCosmos sounds right for your child, we encourage you to sign up soon. 


• Each of our courses is limited to three students ages 13-18. Students will be matched with other students of a similar age.

• To meet the needs of your family, class can meet 1-3 times per week. The weekly schedule will be determined with participating families.

• Each meeting includes two hours of learning: a 90-minute interactive lesson and a 30-minute self-guided exercise.

• To further support families, our courses include a monthly mentoring session for each student and a monthly parent-teacher meeting.


• Our courses are billed monthly. Pricing depends on class size and frequency, as detailed below..

• We are committed to making our courses inclusive, and so scholarships are available for students from historically marginalized communities.

Class sizeOne class per weekTwo classes per weekThree classes per week
One-on-One Course$500/month$1000/month$1500/month
Two-Person Course$330/month$660/month$990/month
Three-Person Course$220/month$440/month$660/month

What types of students thrive in YourCosmos classes?

Our classes are designed for children who have a natural inclination towards science. We especially love teaching young people who have been frustrated with their science education because it doesn’t satisfy their voracious curiosity. If your child routinely asks questions that you’re not sure how to answer — questions like: What is time? Why does gravity exist? How did life start? — we’d LOVE to work with them.

As part of our consultation process, we will spend some one-on-one time with your child, to see where their interests and curiosity lie, and to help them determine if YourCosmos would support their development.

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