What students & parents say...

“I cannot and do not call Ari a teacher. That title does not do him justice. He was my mentor and he became a great friend. To this day, I have not met anyone with as much openness and patience as Ari embodies. He has the amazing skill of making each student feel special and creating an environment in which one actually wants to learn. Not to mention, I never had a subject that Ari did not know about. I don’t have a doubt in my mind that my success in high school, which got me accepted at UCLA, USC, and the University of Michigan, was largely due to Ari. I honesty cannot imagine what my high school years would have been like without him. He helped me grow as a person emotionally and he gave me the tools I needed to succeed in college. I didn’t realize at the time what impact he would have on my life. I now consider Ari part of my family.”

Arianna • Student for 5 years

“Ari was the person who made our son believe in himself. He was so much more than an academic teacher to our son; he awakened in him a respect for curiosity, and a desire to pursue intellectual and philosophical questions. My son is a senior in college now, but Ari’s gifts to him will sustain him long past his formal education.”

Alicia • Parent

“Ari didn’t just give me the answers; instead he provided me with the all right stuff I needed to succeed in class and in life. Full of knowledge, passion, and wisdom, Ari was the cornerstone of my academic career. His guidance transformed the “D” student I was into the confident college graduate I am today.”

Spencer • Student for 5 years

“Ari is, in a word, FANTASTIC! Life for my family changed when Ari began teaching my son. My son, who has learning differences, has had many tutors starting in grade school but none has come close to Ari. Ari knows how to convey material. He knows how to get the student involved and taking responsibility. Ari’s skills also go beyond the academic: he weaves philosophy & current events into the lessons and closely follows what else is going on in the student’s life. He teaches the whole student. He was able to give my son, who had been struggling academically, the confidence to master any subject & the desire to do so.”

Becky • Parent

“What makes Ari particularly unique is his ability to share with his students the broader impact of the material they are learning. His enthusiasm for learning and his devotion to the success of his students is very evident, making every session worthwhile and incredibly enjoyable.”

Sarah • Student for 3 years

“Ari’s kind, calming personality and his unlimited knowledge of basically every subject made him not only a welcomed tutor in our home, but a personal mentor to my son and daughter. I will be forever grateful for the personal interest he took in encouraging my kids to stay focused and pursue the careers of their dreams. Today they are doing just that and they are proud to say that they couldn’t have done it without Ari’s guidance, encouragement, and friendship. Thank you Ari for all the support and love you have shown us over the years.”

Dee Dee • Parent

“Ari is truly a brilliant teacher. Our son has complex learning differences, and until we found Ari, he struggled with all his classes. Ari quickly discerned how to teach to his strengths. Ari never gave answers, but asked thought-provoking questions that encouraged our son to arrive at the answers himself. He taught him to think and to process information differently. Our son now works for a tech company in SF. He says he uses the skills that Ari taught him every day, and he attributes his many successes in his career to Ari’s help.”

Anna • Parent

“Having Ari work with our three children was one of our best, most productive academic decisions. I couldn’t recommend him more highly. Ari has a very effective way of communicating with the kids that gets them to truly learn the material and then perform up to their their talents in school and on standardized tests. I can attest without hesitation that Ari gets results.”

Jill • Parent

“Ari’s arrival in my son’s life has been transformational; their meeting is the moment he most looks forward to in his week. Because Ari challenges him to think outside the box and beyond the norm, my son learns more with Ari than in any of his school classes. They have conversations which last for hours and leave my son excited to continue to think about and research throughout the week. I love the way Ari helps him connect the dots between science and every other aspect of life, from metaphysics to sociology and anthropology, to the everyday small things. My son has clearly decided to pursue a career in the sciences, thanks to his own penchant but also thanks to Ari’s invaluable guidance. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Ari to all the teenagers who are now at home, wondering about our world. “

Camila • Parent

“Ari is unlike any other teacher. He appreciates the uniqueness of each student he meets, working with them to help them thrive personally and academically by utilizing their personal strengths.”

Georgia • Student for 4 years

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“As a parent, and speaking on behalf of my three grown children, we all couldn’t have been more pleased with all the results we achieved with Ari. Ari is blessed with a gift of teaching and patience to ensure that each child feels confident and understands the material before leaving the session. Ari is unbelievable and amazing to all us parents as he can teach any subject at any level. Ari does this graciously with a warm, calm smile that puts students and parents at ease during hectic times.”

Denise • Parent

“When I met Ari I didn’t really care about college because I was constantly pushed by family members and societal pressures to conform to a singular academic mold. But once we started working together, I got an outside perspective that told me I could truly succeed in a field that I would be happy in. Ari read who I was, and helped me according to my strengths and difficulties. He became a friend who helped me realize my potential in a world where I couldn’t always see it. Ari inspired me to work harder academically, as well as in my passion for writing and poetry.”

Angelica • Student for 2 years

“Our son responded really well to Ari’s calm, patient style and ability to see the big picture. The best part was the confidence Ari instilled in our son. His clear, relaxed communication style, as well as real expertise about what it takes to be successful in the classroom and in test situations, was enormously helpful”

Lisa • Parent

“Ari has tutored my four children in a variety of subjects for almost 10 years. He has been an incredibly positive influence in their lives, supporting not only their academic endeavors but their passions as well. Ari’s personality and style of tutoring connected with my teenagers in a most profound and practical way. “

Gerry • Parent

“In my senior year of high school, I dropped calculus, telling Ari that it was boring and that I would never use it in the real world. He talked me into studying calculus with him for a couple hours a week during my free time, and with his tutoring, I was able to get engaged and excited about learning calculus. Ari is gifted at keeping students engaged and simplifying complex problems in a way that you can relate to and understand. The strategies I learned from him have played a major role in my success as a college engineering student and while working in industry. He has been a huge help in guiding me in my career.”

Gabe • Student for 2 years

“Ari can do it all. Not only is he extremely intelligent in all subject matters, he makes learning fun by getting to know you and being your friend. Working with him made me enjoy the subjects I was learning and always encouraged me to do better. Ari has been an awesome tutor who has greatly contributed to the person I am today!”

Sophia • Student for 3 years

“Ari is an exceptional teacher. I struggled with calculus until I met him, but he immediately tuned into the pace & teaching style that worked for me to learn and retain the material. Tutoring sessions with Ari were productive and enjoyable, which was a great surprise and relief in contrast to my previous experiences of learning challenging subjects. Thanks to Ari, I passed my calculus class with 2 grades higher than expected.”

Christina • Student for 1 year

“Ari’s greatest influence on me was helping me build my academic confidence. By guiding me get through one of the hardest classes in high school, physics, Ari taught me much more than just how to get the right answer. He taught me how to learn. He taught me that getting the wrong answer is just part of the process, and that resilience is what matters. To this day, I attribute my status as a third year physics major at Cal Poly to Ari.”

Aaron • Student for 2 years

“Ari explains things in a way that anyone can understand. In addition, he can find the interesting kernel in even the most boring material, which makes learning feel relevant. Over my 7 years working with Ari, I learned that I could approach him about anything, be it school, life decisions, or personal problems. In all those areas, I felt that Ari wanted to help me because he genuinely cared about me, not just because it was his job.”

Stefano • Student for 7 years

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“Ari made such a difference for my son as he caught him up and helped move his grades in algebra from C’s to A’s. Ari knows how to scaffold when he teaches and meet students where they are in order to move them forward.”

Vanessa • Parent

Ari is a great teacher and cares about his students more than anyone I’ve ever worked with. I loved working with him because he is very knowledgeable and understands how to interact with teenagers. He gave me confidence and ensured me that I could reach my potential if I put in the necessary work. Throughout our time together we became friends and to this day I ask him for help when needed.”

Jack • Student for 2 years

“Ari is a wonderful teacher. He is professional and shows a genuine interest in his students’ success. He has a talent for connecting with kids and motivating them to reach their potential.”

Dee • Parent