Making Sense of the Pandemic

Twelve 2-hour classes.

Obviously, the coronavirus pandemic has been enormously challenging for almost everyone. For children — who lack the scientific knowledge and historical perspective of adults — these challenges may be compounded by confusion and anxiety. To help young people make sense of this unprecedented moment, this course will explore questions such as: What are viruses and how do they affect the human body? What is the immune system and how does it fight disease? Do long-term historical developments such as industrialization, capitalism, and agriculture help us understand this pandemic? How might this pandemic and others like it affect our species in the decades and centuries to come? Ultimately, our goal is to help students understand the pandemic and, more importantly, to support them in making meaning out of this potentially disorienting experience.

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Course Content

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The Biology of the Pandemic
The Roots of the Pandemic
Looking Forward
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Course Includes

  • 12 Classes
  • 12 Exercises