Through awe-inspiring science,

we help young people discover
their place in the cosmos.

Is your child struggling with an impersonal and uninspired form of education? We can help. Through twenty years of home-schooling experience, we’ve developed highly interactive science courses that maximize engagement, curiosity, and depth of connection. Our online classes don’t simply convey information — they’re dynamic conversations that help children ages 13-18 explore our wondrous universe and come to their own conclusions about its meaning.

To meet the unique needs of every family, class size can range from one to three students, and courses can meet from one to three times per week. Each meeting include two hours of learning: a 90-minute interactive lesson and a 30-minute self-guided exercise. Further details about pricing and logistics can be found HERE.

Limited to just three students,

our live online courses deliver...

Using highly accessible language & engaging visual media, we help young people discover the most exciting frontiers of science, including the Big Bang, relativity, quantum mechanics, evolutionary biology, ecology, systems theory, and neuroscience.

Young people are inheriting a world that’s changing faster than ever.  Since we can’t predict the questions children will face in the future, education must now focus on teaching them to think for themselves and find their own truths.

Instead of fragmenting the world into disjointed disciplines, we weave physics, chemistry, biology, history, art, and psychology together in every lesson. This allows students to see — and experience — the universe as a unified, coherent whole.

We're passionate about helping young people...

become fascinated by the cosmos and the role they play in its development.

participate effectively in addressing humanity’s current challenges.

become confident adults, who know themselves and their unique gifts.

Explore our breathtaking universe.

Our courses are expertly designed to serve...

For many children stuck in classes with several dozen other students, school can often be both boring and unproductive. As an antidote, we can offer your child a daily dose of fascination & highly personalized engagement. For understimulated students, our courses can be a soul-saving source of enrichment.

If you’re a parent who homeschools your children, YourCosmos can be a powerful ally. By providing your child with a full semester of fascinating science, we can take some of the educational burden off your shoulders — and help ensure that you consistently have focused time to attend to your own work.

Our students create their own curriculum from this menu of fascinating offerings.

To make education as engaging — and also as respectful — as it should be, we believe that students must be in charge of what they learn. In this spirit, each of our groups will craft its own curriculum from the following modules. Groups can also alter their curriculum as they go, so that it more closely follows the threads of their evolving curiosity.

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“Ari’s kind, calming personality and his unlimited knowledge of basically every subject made him not only a welcomed tutor in our home, but a personal mentor to my son and daughter. I will be forever grateful for the personal interest he took in encouraging my kids to stay focused and pursue the careers of their dreams. Today they are doing just that and they are proud to say that they couldn’t have done it without Ari’s guidance, encouragement, and friendship. Thank you Ari for all the support and love you have shown us over the years.”

Dee Dee • Parent

“Ari’s arrival in my son’s life has been transformational; their meeting is the moment he most looks forward to in his week. Because Ari challenges him to think outside the box and beyond the norm, my son learns more with Ari than in any of his school classes. They have conversations which last for hours and leave my son excited to continue to think about and research throughout the week. I love the way Ari helps him connect the dots between science and every other aspect of life, from metaphysics to sociology and anthropology, to the everyday small things. My son has clearly decided to pursue a career in the sciences, thanks to his own penchant but also thanks to Ari’s invaluable guidance. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Ari to all the teenagers who are now at home, wondering about our world. “

Camila • Parent

coming soon...

fabulously interactive self-guided courses

Our unwavering commitment to engaging, personalized education means that, unfortunately, we can only work with a tiny handful of students each semester. To offer this material to a wider audience – at a tiny fraction of the cost – we have spent the last 18 months deep in the mad scientist laboratory, creating highly interactive, self-guided versions of all our courses. Our first course will launch in March 2021, and we plan to release further courses every eight weeks throughout 2021.

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