The Great Cosmic Adventure

Twenty 2-hour Classes.

In most schools, science students are taught that the universe is a giant box filled with tiny balls whose motion is governed by a few mathematical laws. Over the last few decades, however, a new — and fantastically exciting — view of the universe has burst into human awareness. From this new perspective, the universe can be seen as a developing whole, which evolves through distinct creative phases. As cosmologist Brian Swimme sums up this insight, we now know that the universe started as a microscopic cloud of light and that this cloud turned itself into planets, pine trees, and people.

To introduce students to this new vision of the cosmos, this course will explore the major creative achievements of the universe, from the Big Bang to the rise of humanity’s technological civilization. Throughout, we will help students ponder questions such as:

  • If the universe is evolving, is it evolving towards something? If so, what might the cosmos be aiming at?
  • What role does the human species — and even the individual human — play in this ongoing evolutionary adventure? 
  • How can this cosmic perspective help each of us make real-world decisions?

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  • 20 Classes
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