Our Philosophy of Education

As we see it, our species is entering a radically new phase of its history, and this requires a radically new form of education.

In the posts below, you can learn more about what convictions underlie our belief in this new form of education.

Turning the Titanic

The Challenges of Evolving
Public Education

The Fault in Our Stars

Offering Students a Challenge
Worthy of their Creativity

Meeting Our Moment

Education Organized around Our
Civilization's Great Challenges

The Price of Freedom

Why the Human Species Needs
Functional Worldviews

The Frame's
Unseen Power

Envisioning an Education
Centered on Worldviews

Reinventing the Human

Preparing for the Next Chapter
of the Planetary Journey

An Incoherent Cosmos

Modern Science's Inability to Explain
how Mind and Matter Relate

The Battle between
Truth & Intimacy

Reckoning with Modern Cosmology's
Impossible Choice

Educating a Whole

The Power of Interdisciplinary Learning

Everything Breathes

Bringing The Power of Systems
Thinking into Education

At Home in
the Universe

Inviting Young People
into a New Cosmology

Transforming Lived

The Value of Embodied,
Experiential Education