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Now enrolling for September: The Cosmic Adventure

This 18-session after-school course for high school age students covers the most fascinating aspects of the universe, from the Big Bang to the rise of humanity’s technological civilization.
Using a fun, interactive format, we spark students’ curiosity, and to help them ponder big questions such as:
  • Is there meaning and purpose in the universe’s development?
  • What is our place in the cosmic journey?
  • How can we each participate creatively in the evolution of the planet?
As a result of this richer perspective on their own lives, students will graduate from this course more inspired, empowered, and hopeful about their role in our rapidly changing and increasingly interconnected world.

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This course combines:

• CUTTING-EDGE SCIENCE: A rigorous exploration of the frontiers of our knowledge

This course will expose students to our latest understanding of the universe, from the Big Bang to our present technological moment. We will cover topics including relativity, quantum mechanics, complexity theory, genetics, and neuroscience .

• SELF-DISCOVERY: Drawing forth each student’s own sense of meaning & purpose

Our emphasis here is not simply on amassing facts. Instead, we focus on helping each student discover his/her own sense of place in the developing universe. Our fundamental goal is to help students find their own answers to: “What’s true?”, “What does it all mean?” and “What matters?”

• EMBODIED EXPLORATION: An experiential, participatory journey into the universe

It’s not enough to simply understand the story we are now learning from science. In order to shift our worldview, the deep revelations coming from current science must be felt and embodied. For this reason, this course is built around experiential exercises and multimedia demonstrations that make our new cosmology come alive.

• INTEGRATED LEARNING: A holistic & interdisciplinary approach to science

There is no true barrier between biology, physics, history or philosophy. Unfortunately, most schools and teachers are simply not equipped to teach these subjects in an integrated way. Our belief is that so much more richness and meaning is revealed when we study the universe as one coherent whole.

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Come to our upcoming info session!

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This inter-disciplinary course has six core units:

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• The intricacies and implications of the Big Bang
• Relativity, gravity, and spacetime
• What’s the nature of matter and energy?
• The quantum vacuum and non-locality
• How did a cloud of hydrogen turn itself into the earth?

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• What do we mean by the term ‘worldview’?
• Why does your choice of worldview matter so much?
• Dissecting our civilization’s dominant worldview
• Inadequacies in the dominant worldview
• What are some possible alternative worldviews?

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• How did single-cell bacteria evolve into you?
• The intricacy, power, and limitations of DNA
• Competition and cooperation in biology
• Why we die: ecosystems, sex, and death
• The birth of the brain, from worms to humans

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• What is the nature of the universe?
• The universe as a machine or a place
• The universe as an unfolding story
• The universe as a fractal hologram
• The universe as a developing organism

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• How did our species become so powerful?
• What led us from hunting bands to a global society?
• The toll of human power on the earth community
• Possible futures for our species and our planet
• Is there life beyond earth?

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• How can we find meaning & values in all these facts?
• How do you choose your own worldview?
• How can you embody your own worldview?
• How to listen for your own individual purpose
• Care-taking your self and your destiny

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For an in-depth look at this course’s content, click HERE.

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The Cosmic Adventure: Course Structure & Logistics

This course will meet twice a week for two hours, from mid-September to mid-December. It’s designed for homeschoolers looking to dive more deeply into science and for high school students wanting to expand their horizons. Although the content is geared to high school age students, we are open to including middle school age students who are especially interested in these questions. Class scheduling is flexible and will be determined collectively with students, to ensure timing and location that’s convenient for everyone. Tuition for this course is $550. Some scholarships are available, depending on need.

Each group meeting will include:

  • Presentation of relevant evidence and multiple theories which might explain it.

  • Discussion which follows students’ natural curiosity about the subject.

  • Experiential exercises to better visualize and embody these radical new ideas.

  • Discussion of the topic’s broader significance & connection to other themes from students’ lives.

  • Personal reflection, through writing and art-making, to help each student integrate the material.

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In addition, we will offer:

  • Two opportunities for parents to join us, to learn from and with our students.

  • An individual follow-up meeting with each student to support her/his continuing exploration.

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To learn more, attend our next info session

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“We can’t, with a single command, halt the destruction of the soils and the animals and the children, but we can begin by introducing our children and ourselves to the universe. We can start by showing them that they are a part of a Big Picture; they have a place and a role in this enveloping activity. In time, if they are fortunate, they will eventually learn to regard all the things of this world, even the briefest breath of the tiniest gnat, as woven into a single, comprehensive, coherent whole.” -Brian Swimme

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